Industrial Dispute Act

Industrial Dispute Act
Industrial Dispute Act
Industrial Dispute Act was an initiative by the government to reconcile the disputes of industries by the fair investigation. Industrial Dispute Act of most of the countries was an outcome of rubble & scattered life during industrial revolution. Later on, it became an imperative need when Second World War began. During the Industrial revolution, when the capitalism & feudalism was prominent, bourgeois classes were exploiting proletariat classes. And this proletariat class was not able to raise their voice against the deprivation of their rights. Slowly & gradually, when communism was getting strength, proletariat class started to form their unions & associations, & finally in most of the country, they asked for Industrial Dispute Act to the governments & now this is in effect.

In India, Industrial Dispute Act came into existence when our motherland was freeing from the shackles of slavery of Britishers. It was formed in April 1947 with an aim to resolve the dispute of industries by authentic investigation. Apart from this, there were also certain purpose to make it but the key reason was the reconcilement of industries & to provide safeguards to the workers.

Industrial Dispute Act consists of 40 sections which are further divided into 7 chapters.

• Chapter 1 deals with the title, definition & introduction
• Chapter 2 includes the authoritative bodies such as Labor courts, Tribunals & Conciliation officers.
• Chapter 3 is indispensable & the main scheme of the Act such as dispute to labor courts.
• Chapter 4 consists of power, procedure & duties of the governing body
• Chapter 5 is very rigid & it strictly prohibit the strikes & lock-outs
• Chapter 6 lays down the penalties after breaking the laws of Act, and
• Chapter 7 deals with the miscellaneous provisions.
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